Vocal Music Program
Training for Playback Singing and Music Competition

Playback Singing Technique: Training imparted on Bollywood Hindi Songs to fine tune the voice using microphone in professional sound engineering (STUDIO like environment) set up which enhance the students` performance quality in any Professional Vocal Music competition. Student can improve the voice quality and can assess his/her voice outcome from micro phonic set up. Student also can record the songs and that can be used as a tool for improvement futher.  

Voice Training for Music Competition: Professional Training provided for tuning of voice using  different types of Pranayam (Yoga technique) and to bring voice in perfection for different types of songs e.g. classical, Playback, Ghazal etc.

Hindi Pronunciation Training: Special care is taken to make strong foundation of Hindi & Urdu pronunciation which enables the student to sing Ghazal, Hindustani Classical with utmost perfection.
Specialized Training
Hindustani Classical Music
  Very vast and strong training Imparted on Hindustani Classical Music which helps to improve concentration, develop spiritual, mental consciousness, purification of soul.
  The fundamentals of Hindustani classical music and rendering of 'bandish' (compositions) with elaborations.
  Learning all raagas
  Advanced Hindustani Classical Music
Semi-Classical Music (Hindustani)
  Extremely specialized and skilful Learning of GHAZAL of all renowned Ghazal Ustads with high level of perfection in tune and Urdu Pronunciation
  Learning BHAJAN
Bengali Songs (with Rabindra Sangeet)
  Learning on Bengali Songs
  Learning OLD golden days Bengali Classical songs, specialization on Toppa.
  Learning Rabindra Sangeet
Instrumental Music Programs
  Specialized Training on Keyboard ( both Western and Indian)
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